Makers in residence

Stephanie Di Camillo - 

ambedo (am-bea-doh)

Steph is the Founder and creator of ambedo, a naturally fermented dry soda made from water kefir with a funk-ton of probiotics & winningly low sugar,

Founded in 2020 ambedo was born after years of refusing to drink sugary sodas and hating citric acid packed tonic water, but loving fizzy drinks.

Steph works in small batches, every bottle is made over 4 days, then bottled and labeled by hand here in her studio at 57 Handmade.

Edward Saunders

 Ed is a lighting designer. He mostly lights live performance, collaborating with theatre-makers, choreographers and artists of all kinds to sculpt the spaces where stories are told, often in the uniquely surprising context of site-specific and cross-arts productions.

Taking his cues from the visual language of stage lighting, Ed has taken residence in 57 Handmade and has begun creating lamps for homes and interiors. 

The first, "Perch", is a playful, versatile and flattering lamp, with distinctive angular geometry, it emits a warm, diffuse and textured glow and can stand freely in any orientation to cast light with a range of shape and character. The lamp is cut from a single sheet of recycled polypropylene and is clad on both sides with cartridge paper. The surface can be drawn and painted on directly, making "Perch" both a canvas and a lightbox. 

A series of commissions with artists, illustrators and designers will demonstrate the scope for creating unique and highly personal objects for a range of tastes and personalities.

Catherine Cullen

Catherine is the Crafter behind Roxtown Design . A leather worker trained in traditional saddlery techniques with a skills qualification from the Worshipful Company of Saddlers. 

A range of hard wearing leather goods, handcrafted from the finest bridle leathers, all made to last, are created on site at 57 Handmade.

Catherine welcomes commissions and in store a small range of her leather goods are available to purchase including belts, dog collars and leads.

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